Friday, February 13, 2009

She's Legal

Hmm, well, it seems that just as I was pissing and moaning about Peeper having no birth certificate, it was being issued.

We received it in the mail today!

I was really surprised how little information is on it - Just date of birth, county of birth, name, sex and our names. And the dates it was filed (2/10) and issued (2/11). That's it.

*Our* birth certificates have a *ton* of information on them. Parent's ages, address, occupation, number of previous live births, singleton/twin/etc, all kinds of stuff.

That's wierd.

I'm curious about one thing.

It lists us both as "Parent." I'm wondering if they did ours special, or they're all like that.

I've asked LawyerFriend to let me know, when they get their son's birth certificate, if they're listed the same way, or as "Mother" and "Father."

And, speaking of - thanks again for all your help with the pre-birth order.

Beyond the practical reasons that we're glad to have it in hand, I can't describe how much it meant to open that up and see both our names on it.

We have several legal documents to protect our relationship, but this is the only piece of paper in existance that actually says we are officially, legally, in the eyes of the government, a family.

And that feels pretty damn good.


  1. our lawyer told us that we'd both be listed as parents on the new (NY state) birth certificate, but now that you mention it, we still haven't received it, and our adoption happened in december. sigh.

  2. Yeah that's cool! Here (Nova Scotia Canada) you can get a short form BC that has what you are seeing, just the basics and/or you can order a long form one that has tons of info on it.

    I'm just glad you have one and that you are both listed on it!!

  3. yayyy!!! i know that here in pa, ours will say parent and parent, too. congratulations!!!


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