Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Always Something

As I mentioned yesterday, Peeper had a weight check at the pediatrician's office today, either for reassurance or to discuss what might be going on, if she really had slowed her growth as much as the cardiologist's scale indicated.

So, they weighed her at 9 lb 8 oz (!) which is up 11 oz in 2 weeks.

(And double her revised/estimated birth-weight of 4 lb 12oz!)

5 weeks ago, we also had back-to-back weigh-ins.

To compare:
Cardio: + 1 lb in 5 weeks (8 lb to 9 lb)
Peds: + 1 lb 12 oz in the SAME 5 weeks (7 lb 12 oz to 9 lb 8 oz)

Yeah, I don't believe their scale now at all.

So, that's all good.

Not only is the pediatrician okay with her growth, he is "impressed" with it.

(Go Mama! Go Mama's goodies!)

BUT. . .

You know Peeper.

It's always something with this kid.

When we took off her diaper for the weigh-in, it had (of course) poop in it - but also BLOOOOD!

She's been irritated the past couple of days, but I inspected and there's no where external that looks like it could be bleeding.

Also, it was all mixed in with the poop. Obviously it came out with it. Bright red (Which, I know, is good. Well, less bad.)

So, needless to say, the nurse showed a doctor the diaper, as well as the weight.

He confirmed that it was blood, and ordered a stool culture (she pooped again, while nursing in the car, and we took that in to the lab for the culture) and she has an appointment with a doctor tomorrow at 11:30.

They should have preliminary culture results then.

In the meantime, we're to put vaseline on her little poopy-hole, in hopes that it's just a little fissure and that will help to fix it.

Dr. Google tells me 80%+ babies have at least one anal fissure by 1 year, usually no treatment needed, just frequent diaper changes.

(?! We probably change her hourly, except overnight).

Or, maybe something else, which would show up on culture.

Or, possibly something that wouldn't show up?

So. . .

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Either she's going to get her heart cut open, or there's blood coming out of her ass.

More news as we have it. . . .


  1. Apparently Peeper's goal is to keep our prayer/thought/positive energy/good vibe/mojo/etc. lives busy. She is certainly good at it.

  2. Look up Bepanthen. Gets good results with babies all over the World, by Bayer.


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