Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday #37

10 Things That I Am Thankful For This Year

  1. Peeper - Her mere existence
  2. Peeper is here
  3. Peeper is, for the most part, healthy
  4. Peeper is just amazing
  5. Shrike
  6. Our families
  7. DoulaK
  8. My birth experience was almost 100% what I had hoped for (see #5, #7)
  9. We've decided that I will be staying home with Peeper
  10. And since it seems I should be thankful for something non-Peeper-related: President-Elect Obama
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  1. That list works for me too, with no deletions, but a few additions, mostly other family. Could I have more than ten? I have had more years for thankfulness inducing things to happen. And people to come along. But your list has to be on my list. (Though I had never heard of a doula, before. Saw an article in the local paper about a doula service in a neighboring city. The "old learn a word, then hear it all the time, thing".)

    Kisses to Peeper!

  2. As told to Deionsmom by Peeper.November 19, 2008 at 7:56 PM

    Ten things that Peeper is thankful for this year.
    1. I was born.
    2. I have the most incredible parents ever.
    3. I have the most incredible grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins ever.
    4. I am loved by so many people that I haven't even met yet and so many I have already met.
    5. I'm in good health, mostly.
    6. I have the most incredible parents ever.
    7. I can't wait to really get to play with the furry people wandering out.
    8. I was born just in time for my first Christmas. (presents! Yes!!!)
    9. I wear REALLY, REALLY cute clothes!
    10. I have the most incredible, loving, wonderful, warm, kind, huggable and adorable parents ever.

    Love, Peeper

  3. Aw shucks. That Peeper sure is a sneaky one. I didn't even know she'd emailed you!


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