Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caption This, Baby!

We saw "Dr. Peri" (the perinatologist) this morning and, as he said when he first walked in the room after seeing the ultrasound images, "Baby looks like a million bucks!"

(As she damn well ought to. If we're getting our money's worth. Or, I should say, if Anonymama and Anonydaddy are getting their money's worth.)

She's still small, measuring 19w6d today (about 8 days behind, versus 6 days behind, three weeks ago) but he said, repeatedly, that he's not concerned about that.

Her brain looked "perfect" and the cerebellum and cisterna magna (the parts that might have looked funky at 17 weeks, but the images weren't very good, and that he said looked okay at 18 weeks) were both looking exactly as they are supposed to.


Everything else looked good, too. Of course she still has the single umbilical artery (that won't change) but the cord insertion looks good, and we've seen both kidneys (sometimes the SUA can be associated with a missing kidney), so that's good to know, too.

She wasn't in the right position for the sonographer to get a good image of her heart, and I was starting to get concerned that maybe the position wasn't the issue, and that whatever she was looking for just wasn't there, but she evidently turned around while we were waiting for Dr. Peri and he was able to see what he wanted to see and said her heart looks great.

We'll get a much more detailed study of it in four weeks, when we see the fetal cardiologist for the echocardiogram. We'll also do another full ultrasound with all the other measurements at that time, as well.

The best part of the whole morning?

(Other than the "perfect" brain, and "I'm not concerned about her growth" and "she looks like a million bucks" of course.)

After seeing her heart, Dr. Peri was poking around, looking at some other things, when he evidently saw something he liked, clicked some buttons on his magic machine and, with absolutely no warning, up popped this image:

Oh. My. God. That's a baby!

With skin on it and everything!

He said, "Don't tell anybody I did this. We usually don't do 3D at this point, but that was just too cute."

And, indeed, she is.

If I do say so myself.

And I do.

So, my question for you is - just what is that gesture she's making?

Leave a comment with your caption for the photo, and we'll pick the best one.

Sorry we don't have any fabulous prizes to offer the winner, but isn't the glory enough?


  1. Hey! Turn off that *@#%*%# Doppler, I'm trying to sleep in here!

  2. Or maybe it's just, "I'm number one!" Yea, let's go with that...

  3. Remember whose daughter she is. It is more likely the first than the second. nice try though :-)


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