Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday #29

Lately the "Ten on Tuesday" questions have been things like "your favorite actors/actresses" and other such stuff about which I really have no opinion, so I've been opting out. This one, I can sink my teeth into, though.

Ten Things I Love About My Life

  1. Shrike. I can't say this enough. Maybe it's the hormones making me all sappy, but she is the best thing in my life.
  2. Peeper. S/he is the best thing that is about to be in my life. (And, currently, the best thing in my uterus.)
  3. The rest of our families.
  4. Our pets (on most days).
  5. Our friends, old and new.
  6. We're both in good health.
  7. Although it would be great to win the lottery and never have to work again, we are both lucky enough to have jobs that are fulfilling and pay well. (Or, at least, one of each.)
  8. So, while we may not have anywhere near everything we want, we do (mostly) have everything we need.
  9. Despite the fact that there are a lot of things that could use some work (see my my most recent Ten on Tuesday entry) I really like our house, and I'm glad that it's ours.
  10. This isn't exactly about my life, specifically, but it's springtime here in BlueState, and the flowers and flowering trees are distractingly beautiful, as you drive down the road.

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  1. Until they are bad. Those days will come.

  2. Hee hee. I was reading these comments in my email, which is listed newest to oldest (very annoying; I change it and it goes back).

    So, I saw Anonymama's comment before Shrike's, and wasn't sure what she was talking about "until they are bad."

    I figured she meant kids!

  3. Thus far, the good have outweighed the bad. Even when I am a really crappy driver. I am a newbie to driving standards. Whozat will have to teach peeper while they are young enough to fully absorb it.

  4. Trust me, you do NOT want to think about teaching the peeper driving until you absolutely have to.


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