Friday, April 6, 2007

Weekend Dog Blog #4: Diggity Dogs

Why, oh why, oh why-y-y-y-y must our dogs insist on digging holes in the backyard that are deep enough in which to bury themselves?

Why must they insist on locating said holes right where humans need to walk?

And - most importantly - why must they look so damned cute curled up in their cursed holes?

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  1. It's to make it more convenient for when we finally tire of "dammit we can't have nice things" and put them in the ground. The holes are pre-dug. And for the big guy, it may not be long.

  2. Why they look so damned cute? Because they're dogs! :)

  3. Ah, good point, Marlene!

    (and thanks)

  4. Because they are like children, except hairier and you can leave them home alone!

    Oh Shrike that is SOOOO wrong- but funny!


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