Sunday, January 12, 2014

Well, We Can Check Off That Milestone

So, Peeper trimmed her own bangs this afternoon.


Luckily we have haircut appointment scheduled for tomorrow anyway. (Hence the too-long bangs that were bothering her.)

One side, she didn't touch at all, but the other side is about an inch long. Except for the part right in the middle that's about, oh, a centimeter long.

I took some photos (ostensibly to send to the hairdress, so she'd know what she was dealing with), but Peeper doesn't want me to post them, so I won't.

Of course, it could have been much worse; she could've hurt herself with scissors, or cut a lot more hair, so we should probably be thankful that this is something that will be fixed fairly easily.

But for now, she is really upset about it. When I told her I was putting the scissors up high, she said, "I WANT them up high!" No additional punishment needed. There's nothing we could do to her that would be worse than how she feels right now, and waiting for it to grow out.

While comforting her I said, "What if I read and find out what kinds of foods help hair grow fast?" and she said, "There's no such thing!"

I told her that I was sure protein would help, because hair is made of protein. Later, as we were googling it, and I said that again, she asked, "But how can hair be made out of meat?!"

Turns out that protein is good, and also things high in vitamins A and E and omega 3s, like carrots, spinach, citrus, salmon, and so on. So, that might be helpful.

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