Monday, December 2, 2013

Well Child Check

Peeper had her check up today, and as usual, she was a model patient.

Well, except for clamming up a bit on the vision test, but they said she was okay on that. They wrote her down as 20/50, but the doctor said that's normal for her age and it will improve over time. They tested her hearing for the first time, and she did fine on it, too.

She's 41" tall (18th percentile) and weighs 41.4 lb (59th percentile). The doctor says that at age five, they "expect" them to be one pound per inch, so she's pretty much right on target there. Her BMI is a bit on the high side, but it's gone down since a year ago (or since her last visit?) so the doctor wasn't concerned about that.

He was impressed that she's grown 4 inches in the past year and her height percentile is the highest that it's ever been. (All whopping 18 of it!)

We discussed her issues with potty accidents, both day and night. He's more concerned about the daytime accidents than the bed wetting, because bed wetting is more of a sleep issue than a pee issue.

He suggested that we get an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder, just to rule out anything anatomical that might be going on (Does she have a super tiny bladder?) and then go from there.

He seemed to think that it's mostly about being distracted and not noticing that she has to go until it's too late, but "yeah, she's five years old, so she shouldn't be have this many accidents by now," so it's worth checking out.

That's schedule for December 16, but I need to call and change it because she'll be at school and I'll be at work at the time of the appointment.

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