Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shrike's Surgery

No photos, but Shrike is doing well. Here's a quick summary of the day, via my Facebook posts:

7:45 am Shrike is now in surgery. Should be finished around 10 am.

8:58 am Status updated to "doing fine, surgery still in progress" about 10 min ago. Checked in with Peeper and Shrike's parents and all's well there too. 9:25 am All done. Went well. In recovery.

10:35 am Waiting for room assignment.

11:52 am Awake and feeling pretty good. Waiting for room to open up.

12:18 pm I've had lunch, waiting to go back in with her. Room is assigned but still occupied.

7:19 pm Finally got into room 2ish, her parents and Peeper came up to hospital shortly after. Had some nausea but not much pain, and very alert, doing well. Peeper and I are back at hotel for the night. She's not to keen on "hurty Mommy" ("when will she be plain old Mommy again?") but did well at hospital and no problems with having her in room. Hoping Shrike will be discharged tomorrow.

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