Saturday, November 23, 2013

Parade Night

This evening was our local holiday parade, and of course, everyone in the town was there. The temperatures were in the low 30s and we actually had some snow!

I put Peeper in her snow pants and big coat and multiple hats, so she was toasty warm. I, on the other hand, really need to buy some longjohns.

Waiting for the parade to start, with her light-up wand that I bought from a wandering vendor.

The crowd, almost an hour before starting time. You may notice the chairs along the sidewalk. People start putting those out to reserve their spots at least a day in advance, probably sooner than that. It's crazy.

The big finish of the parade is Santa, who lights the big tree on the square as he goes by. Cold as we were, Peeper insisted that we go over so she could get a good, up-close look at it.

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