Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kicking off The Holidays

Today was evidently craft show day in our little town.

I skipped the one at the Catholic church, but I was in line bright and early this morning, with about 100 other gals to get an early bird swag bag at an awesome show put on by a friend of ours. It features over forty vendors, selling all handmade items. I did a bit of shopping, picking up gifts for a few family members.

After that, I went over to another show where the MOMS Club had an informational booth, and one of our members was peddling her wares. This one was a fundraiser for the local Therapeutic Riding Center, and after I saw all the cool activities for the little ones, I went home and brought Peeper back. I think she liked it.

She rode a horse and a carriage, ran a stick horse race, visited with Santa and even made a pinecone bird feeder.


  1. Is that the first Santa sighting of the season?

  2. In another observation, I think Peeper's pants are made out of a dress I had when I was just a little older than her. ;)

  3. Yep, this was the first Santa sighting. And lol re the pants. She chose that outfit herself.


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