Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Butter Heads

For the Thanksgiving feast at Peeper's school yesterday, each of the "Children's House" (preschool/kindergarten) classes contributed to the meal.

One class made applesauce, one peeled the potatoes and Peeper's class made butter. When I asked her about it later, she said that she'd not actually participated in making it. For some reason she seemed to think it would be "messy." Which is sort of bizarre, coming from this child who is never happier than when she's in the mud.

We've actually been talking about making butter ever since reading about it in the Little House books, so I figured, what the hell? We'll make some and take it to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Shrike was going to the store, so I asked her to pick us up a pint of cream. She said, "I couldn't reach the pints, so I got two half-pints." Appropriate, I suppose, in a very Little House sort of way.

And just as well, given that this jelly jar was the best thing I could come up with to make it in, and it wouldn't have held the whole pint.

So, we put it in the jar, and shook. . .

. . . and shook . . .

. . . and shook . . .

. . . and shook . . .

. . . and made whipped cream!

Then we shook a little more, and voila! After about thirty minutes of shaking, we had butter!

I poured off the buttermilk and labelled it, and thought I should google some recipes, so it didn't go to waste. This turned out not to be an issue, as Peeper drank it all, and said it was yummier than the cream.

I decided to go a slightly different route for the second half-pint.

Whipped cream.

Butter! It took five minutes.

We added a bit of sea salt and mixed it all up and now it's ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner.

This really did happen today. I have no idea why I thought today was 11/23/13 when I was labelling the jar.

And, of course, the helper gets to lick the bowl.

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  1. Sounds like a lesson in the convenience of modern technology to me.


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