Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Special Friend Night

This evening was "Special Friend Night" for the little ones at Peeper's school. That means that each kid was allowed to bring one (but only one) "special friend" - an adult, parent or otherwise - to visit the classroom and observe them demonstrative several "works" or activities.

Peeper chose me, and I got such a kick out of watching her do her thing.

She mostly wanted to show me the "water works" but I eventually got her to demonstrate some "dry works" as well.

It was pretty cool seeing her get out the materials, lay them out, do the activity, and put everything away. (It would be nice if she could do that at home!) It was even cooler when she talked through the process and explained to me what she was doing.

On the other hand, I could definitely see places where, "Bless her heart," she's just not quite there on things. For example, she had to do quite a bit of table drying after her "water works" and she really struggled to hang the wet towels up on the drying rack. Of course, it would've been easier if she'd not tried to put it on the highest rung that she could possibly reach (on tippy-toes) every time.

The last thing she demonstrated was some coloring. Of course, the picture itself was more or less scribbles. I was impressed (and a bit scared) when she showed me how to sharpen the colored pencil with a small hand-held sharpener (she had actually told us about that the other day, so I wasn't surprised or too freaked out) but less impressed when she turned the sharpener the wrong way, then took the pencil out and said, "See, how it's sharp!"

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