Saturday, October 26, 2013

Non-Stop Merriment

Not like I've got anything on my agenda for the day, what with not one, but two birthday parties to host tomorrow, so it seemed like a great time to get invited to not one but two birthday parties for friends, and to go to the annual Trick-or-Treat on Main Street, of course.

I did get a bit of party prep done in the morning. Here's a little sneak preview.

And Peeper had time for a bit of dressing-up.

"I'm a vampire. You'll make a tasty snack for my tea!"

Then we headed downtown to trick-or-treat.

And to Party #1 at the bowling alley. They had bumpers on the lanes, of course, but also these awesome ramps for the kids to use, rather than rolling the balls two-handed like we did, back in the day.

She enjoyed the cake, as you might imagine.

And the "photo booth." Of course, she went right for the mustache.

And the bowtie.

From there, we headed out to A's house, for H's birthday party, more cake, more ice cream, more candy, and more fun.

Finally home and I thought I'd never get her to bed, she's so excited about her birthday tomorrow.

She told me that she's going to wake up and measure herself first thing in the morning, to see if she's bigger, because she's five years old.

Then, I heard her whispering in the mirror that, "I'm going to go to Kindergarten." When I said she won't go til next year, she said, "But you said you go to Kindergarten when you're five!?"

Time for Mama to manage some expectations!

As we lay in bed, she was whispering to herself, "Have really good dreams, have really good dreams," and told me she was telling herself that, instead of thinking about being excited about her birthday, so she could go to sleep.

She kept asking me "How long until morning" and said "When I wake up, I'm going to look out the window until my friends come for my party!"

I explained that if she gets up at her usual time, it will be about six hours until her party!

Good thing, too, because I'm sitting here blogging, instead of cleaning the kitchen and making pizzas!

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