Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey Wedding, Part II

As promised last night, the monkeys were married today. I failed to get a single photo of it because my phone was on the charger, but Mr. Monkey wore a red suit (my shirt) and the lovely bride wore a pink tutu.

They danced until Mrs. Monkey went into labor (again) and delivered twins (again), Michael and Dory. After mom and babies were cleaned up (Yes, she said this. "Uhoh, she's having her babies right now! I'll just clean her off." and later, "She's all slimy from the babies.") they went back to dancing.

A major crisis erupted during the dance, when the groom decided that her (his?) shoes were too big (Shrike's slippers), but could not find any that were an acceptable replacement.

Much drama. Tears. Wailing and gnashing of monkey teeth.

Now, mind you, Peeper owns about fifteen pairs of shoes, but every one that we offered - including some of ours - were either too big, or too tight (it is about time for new, bigger shoes), or the wrong color or too hot or "not man colors" or something. Finally, she settled on the hand-me-down a bit too big tap shoes from a friend.


The first dance can continue!

I offered to play some music on her Sesame Street "CD player" but she wanted, "real wedding music," so I hummed Pachelbel's Canon, while she held the Monkey Bride by the hands, and danced around in circles.

And then she had the twins again.

As I said, no photos, and by bedtime, I'd managed to run my phone battery back down below the level required to make the flash work, but I do have this:

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