Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple Picking

Peeper and I went apple picking this morning, with some of our MOMS Club friends. While we waited for the others to arrive (can you believe we were the first ones there?!) we checked out the produce in the store.

Peeper held Little H's hand, "so she didn't go out in the traffic."

Then, out to the orchard, where we picked Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples.

Yes, they did say we were allowed to eat while we picked.

Good thing, because we needed to keep our strength up.

A bushel of apples, ready to go!

"I can't lift another load!"

Back at the store, Peeper had some ice cream and cider while I paid for the apples, and picked out a few mixes, for apple crisp and apple fritters.

When we finished up at at the orchard, we went with A and R's families over to a local winery, while the grownups tasted and made purchases, while the kids played with chalk.

"I have chalk all over me! I have it on my hands, and my nose and my forehead!"

I'm not sure why she was surprised, because moments later, I looked over to see her drawing on her face with chalk.

From there we went out to lunch, and then met back up at A's backyard for a campfire and s'mores.

Not a bad way to spend a lovely autumn day.

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