Sunday, August 11, 2013

Please Touch

Our second day of big vacation fun found us at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

 I thought we'd never get Peeper past the first exhibit, because there was water involved!

But once we dragged her away, we headed "underground" . . .

. . . to Wonderland!

Later, we found a whole neighborhood of things to do, including a post office, shoe store, TV studio, grocery store. . .

. . . and hospital. (This display was sponsored by, and pretending to be, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where we took Peeper for her metabolic testing as a newborn.)

Peeper spent most of her time working in the radiology department.

This little guy needed a CAT scan.

By that time, Peeper was getting pretty tired and cranky, so we took a little goody break.

Then right back to the fun. This is a really cool rain forest themed music area.

Well, so much for the cute photo of her wearing the life jacket.

One of the museum's big attractions is their antique carousel.

When the museum closed, we met up with J (the woman I do the web design work for) and her dog for Mexican food and frozen yogurt.

Peeper was quite enamored of Curtis the Dog, and is now going around calling herself "Curtis Junior" instead of "Galoot Junior."

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