Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MOMS Night Out

Well, no photos at all today, because I'm a big ol' loser.

Peeper had a babysitter this evening, while I went to MOMS Night out. It was scheduled to be a swimming party at a member's home, but her family's been sick, so she cancelled that and suggested that we go out to dinner or something.

As it turned out, it was just me, A and T for dinner, but we had a lovely time. We met up at Olive Garden for appetizers and dessert (and wine) and conversation. It's not often that just the three of us get together with no kids and it was very nice.

As we were leaving, we were saying that we should plan to do this monthly, but of course, we're not planning to give up the official MNO, and the odds of all three of us getting two nights out a month are pretty slim.

But, for tonight, it was very nice.

Peeper did well with the babysitter (it was the last time we'll have S over for a while; she leaves for college next month) and even went to sleep for her, but woke up later and wasn't too happy about me not being there. By the time I got home (we were waiting for the check when S texted me to say Peeper was awake) she had gotten her happied-up with some books, and I took over and got her back to sleep.

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