Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Graffiti Artist

Once again, the MOMS Club left back-to-school messages in sidewalk chalk at several area schools. Last year, we did all nineteen schools of the district where most of us live, and this year, we did those, plus three in another district where we have some kids, plus K (AK's mom) and I did the Montessori Academy.

Peeper went out with me Friday evening and Sunday afternoon to work on the public schools, but we waited until this evening for Montessori, so it would be fresh tomorrow morning for the first full day of classes with all the students.

Peeper got into the act, adding the details of my Smiley Face Guy.

I had the circle colored in and she asked to add the face. I told her where to put the eyes and mouth, and then she got kind of carried away.

He now also has a nose, cheeks, ears, hair, chin, skin, body, legs, and I'm really not quite sure what else.

This is how I looked when we finished.

When I was taking photos of the chalk, Peeper decided to do a little photo shoot of her own. Here she is with the chalk outside the door of the Children's House wing, where she is dropped off and picked up.

And she wanted to take a few by the playground, too.

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