Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peep's Night In

Shrike's got some funky work scheduling going on this month, but I wasn't complaining when I realized that she'd be off for MOMS Night Out! As soon as I figured that out, I was texting the babysitters!

Miss S, who watched her for the concert wasn't available, but her sister, Miss M was. M is a drummer in the high school band, so when I told her that Peeper might enjoy a "lesson" she showed up with sticks and practice pad in hand.

Once again, I explained to Peeper that we'd be out past her bedtime, so she'd need to go to sleep for the sitter, and she was fine with that. She was also fine with us leaving, she really couldn't have cared less.

MNO was about a fifteen of us hanging out at one member's house, with way too much yummy food (and a few adult beverages). We were supposed to be on the patio with a fire, but the weather was iffy, so we stayed inside.

I had Peeper bathed and jammied before we left, and suggested that they start with tooth brushing and stories and such around 8:30-ish with the goal of lights-out around 9:30, but not to worry if that didn't happen. Actually, I told her not to expect it to happen.

Well, around 9:30, I texted her to see how things were going, and she told me that she'd read 3 - 4 stories, turned out the light and left the room, and Peeper had gone right to sleep. And when we got home after midnight (I'm post-dating this, of course), she was still sound asleep, and her bed was still dry.

I took her to pee, then scooted her back to bed. She woke up a bit at that point, and wanted me to lie down with her, but when I did the old, "I have to go potty, and get something to drink, and then I'll come back and check on you. (Notice, I never actually say 'I'll come back and lie down with you.') Go ahead and close your eyes, and I'll be back in a bit." she was conked out by the time I got out of the bathroom.

Well done, Peep!

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