Friday, July 12, 2013

Ol' Fish Foot

After picking up our CSA veggies at the farm, Peeper and I went wading in the nearby creek for a while. I didn't get any photos of that, because I had the good sense to leave my phone in the car, and not in my pocket while wading in a creek, but here's one I took as we were leaving.

In addition to the wading, Peeper really enjoyed climbing on those big rocks that you see on the right.

The water was quite shallow (as I suppose it would have to be for a 3'3" person to wade in it - although she did manage to get wet up to her waist) and quite clear, so we could see where we were stepping and not trip on the bigger rocks or accidentally end up deeper than we intended to be.

I see people fishing around there all the time, so I was keeping an eye out for company in the water, but all we saw were a few crawfish scuttling away or darting under rocks. Of course, I pointed them out to Peeper, and she wanted to grab one. I explained why that wouldn't be such a good idea, and like a dumbass said that if we wanted to catch one, we'd need a net, and maybe some meat on a string. (Oddly enough, given where I grew up, I've never actually gone crawfishing, but that's what you use for crabbing, so I figure it should work, right?)

So, I can check off "wade in creek" from our Summer Fun Wish List, but now I have to add "catch crawfish in creek."

The high point of the experience, though, was when she needed to take off her shoe because there was a rock in it, and it turned out that the rock was a little minnow!

(Minnow = generic term for tiny fish. I actually have no idea what kind it was.)

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