Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fifty-Six Months

Dear Peeper:
Last week, while we were in Texas visiting Grandma and Grandpa (and everyone else), you turned fifty-six months old - four-and-two-thirds!

You and I have both been on summer vacation all month, and we're certainly enjoying it. Other than our trip to Texas, we haven't done anything really spectacular yet, but it's been nice to just hang out and not have to worry about work or school for either of us for a little while.

And what have you been doing during all this hanging out?

We put up a bunch of new shelving in the sunroom (paid for with our birthday money) and when we took the old entertainment center out to the curb (with a "FREE" sign on it), you had a complete meltdown. You cried, "Entertaaaaiiiinmmmmeeent Ceeeeennnnnteeeer!" like you were losing your best friend. Luckily, by the time you noticed that it was gone, you had gotten over it, and were excited to report that someone had taken it.

While I was in the shower getting ready for the birthday / Father's Day gift extravaganza with Mommy's family, you came in and informed me that, "I'm making a pina-yata for Papa's birthday." (Which was to be celebrated about an hour later.)

"Sure honey, okay."

When I got out, and went into the kitchen, I saw that you had a balloon and a much of strips of paper soaking in a bowl of water.

So, I kind of promised you that we would make one sometime. Guess we gotta do that, huh?

A couple of weeks ago, Mommy and I went to a concert, and Miss S came over to babysit. You were totally cool with it, and barely even told us goodbye when we left.

As the concert was wrapping up, Miss S texted to tell us that after several stories, she got up to turn off the lights, and when she asked if you wanted her to come back and lie down with you again, you said no. She kept an eye on you, and a few minutes later, texted to say that she was "hearing some little snores."

The next morning, you told me that, "Miss S was looking at me through the door. I closed my eyes, because I didn't want her looking at me."

When we got home around 1:30 am, you were still asleep. I took you to potty, put you back in bed, and although you had your eyes open for a bit, you didn't cry or ask for goody, you just went back to sleep.

More often than not, you fall right back to sleep when I get you up. Often, even if you are asking me to lie down or give you goody, if I have to go potty first, you are asleep by the time I get back. Okay, sometimes I potty reeeaaalllly slowly.

"Ring around the rosie, a monkey full of tooties. . . ."

In discussing "Aunt" Frappa's wedding, you told me that "Uncle" S, "Should wear a suit and a coat and a collar."

I had to explain that men wear ties, dogs wear collars.

Me: Why do you like chewing on your fingernails?
You: They're very tasty.
Me (trying a different approach): Is there a way that you're feeling, when you feel like you want to chew on your fingernails?
You: Yes.
Me: How do you feel?
You: Hungry.


Happy four-and-two-thirds, little girlie. 

We love you!


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