Thursday, June 6, 2013

Farmer Girl

Although we opted to pay the full amount for our CSA membership, rather than volunteering ten or eighteen hours to cover part of the cost, I decided that I would like to take Peeper over to the farm to put in some volunteer time, just for fun, and to see what's what and whether we might be able to commit to it next year and save some money.

As luck would have it, when we were picking up last week, I saw that one of our friends was signed up to volunteer with her two little girls, so I put us down for the same time slot. When our scheduled time rolled around this afternoon, it had been steadily drizzling all day, but we went over anyway, in hopes that there would be some inside work to be done.

We met up with our friends in the greenhouse to pull some major (two-foot-tall flowering) weeds. In some major mud.

Of course you know Peeper - she didn't miss a single puddle. By the time we finished, she was solid mud up to her ankles, and her pants and shirt weren't looking to good either. Even after hosing her off, I decided the smartest thing was to just strip her down before letting her get in the car.

I do have some sense of decency though, so no, she's not actually naked. She does have panties on under her buckle.

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