Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Children's Museum

Peeper and I ventured across state lines again to the same children's museum that we visited last time we were in Texas. This time, we met up with my oldest friend, M (Seriously, my first memory of her is from her 6th birthday when we were in kindergarten, almost forty years ago), her partner L, their six-year-old son M and L's nephew other-L. We had lunch next door to the museum, then took the kids over to play for the afternoon.

I was too busy chatting to take many photos, but I did get a few.

After the museum, I suggested that we go for ice cream, at a coffee shop down the road, but it had just closed for the day, so we drove a bit to a frozen-yogurt-plus-toppings place and ate an obscene amount of that.

After hugs and goodbyes all around, I decided I'd better get a coffee before we hit the road, so we went to the shop that I'd see as we pulled into the shopping center, which turned out to be inside a Books-A-Million which, itself turned out to be some sort of a black hole, because I thought we were never going to get out of there.

First we went to the coffee shop and got in line, then Peeper announced that she had to go to the bathroom. Coffee Dude told us that the restrooms were on the complete opposite side of the store, but when we got there, we found the door locked and a sign saying to find an employee to get a key. We ran up to the front of the store and asked for the key, so the clerk called someone else to meet us there and let us in.

Then, back to the coffee shop, after scooting Peeper along through the kids section with promises that we could come back and play after we got our drinks. I ordered a coffee for myself and a strawberry-banana daquiri for Peeper, which she promptly dropped on the floor, spilling about half of it.

After dealing with that, we went back over to the kids' section, where this happened.

I also saw this, and texted a photo to a MOMS Club friend who is very into the whole "mustache thing" and also expecting a baby boy in August, asking, "Surely you own one of these, right?"

After another trip to the potty (including the trek to the front of the store to ask to be let in), we played with some more things, including some awesome "puppet hats" of a unicorn and something else super-cool that I don't remember.

We finished our drinks, and I finally got Peeper headed out the door. We walked back down to the car, got buckled up, I checked my phone and found a reply to my text about the 'stache binky, saying, "No! Where is that?"

To which I replied. "Louisiana. Want it?" Of course, she did.

So, we drove closer to the book store, went in and bought the binky, then back to the car, buckled up, key in ignition and . . . "I need to go to the bathroom."

Baaaack into the store, to the potty, and back out to the car, where we were finally able to get on the road.

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