Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Hard Day

Behind the blogging scenes here, we've been dealing with some second-hand sadness and tragedy lately.

You know our MOMS Club friend A, mom to H and brand-new-baby-N. Three days after N was born, A's 18 year old sister M was in a car accident with five other teens, and despite the valiant efforts of many doctors, including a couple of surgeries, a few days later she lost her fight.

On Saturday, her twin brother graduated from high school, accepting her diploma on behalf of the family, and today they laid her to rest.

I attended the funeral, along with T and her husband (who's been good friends with A's husband for years), and it was as heartbreaking as you might imagine.

If it's your thing, please send your prayers of comfort, positive energy, healing light, and peaceful mojo to M's family and friends as they move through this most difficult of times.

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