Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mosh Pit

This evening, Peeper and I went to the annual end-of-semester party at my boss' house. There were both professional and peer tutors there, as well as (I think) peer mentors, so it was basically a few grown-ups (of which, I was perhaps the most "grown up" - at least in the chronological sense) and a bunch of college kids.

The food was delicious.

Peeper's only met a few of them before, because when she's visited me at work, she's spent more time with my students than my coworkers. That didn't stop her from being quite comfortable around them, evidently.

On the way home, she told me "I have better instruments than that guy who was singing," and when we got homs, she showed me.


  1. Have you introduced her to A Midsummer Night's Dream yet? I remember loving it when I was just a little older than her. It is in the My Book House books that are at Mama's. Reading her that might make a good activity when you are down visiting. I am pretty sure it is in Through Fairy Halls, which I think is Book 6. It was always my favorite My Book House book when I was little.

    I loved The Water Babies too. It's another My Book House story. I don't remember a lot of the details, just that I loved it. Some things may require a bit of editing to be acceptable to modern standards.

    The Velveteen Rabbit was another favorite of mine, although I don't think it is in the My Book House books.

  2. Oh, I had totally forgotten that those are there! Last trip, I actually forgot to take any books, so I grabbed a Seuss collection that was in Mama's bookshelf (stories originally published in magazines, that nobody knows!) but those would be great, too. I don't think I'll bother taking any books next time either.


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