Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Visit

As planned, T and I went up to the hospital today to visit with A and N.

MOMS Club toured a grocery store this morning, and amazingly, after being up until almost midnight last night, Peeper was actually awake and interested in going. After the tour, we ate lunch at the store's snack bar and then went over.

T is a better mom than I am, and she had a whole bag of books and toys to keep Peeper and C entertained. Of course, I let her go in first, since I'd already met Baby N last night, while I watched the girls, and then we switched.

I got to hold him for a while again, until he started fish-facing and rooting around, at which point I told him, "Sorry, that's Peeper's!" and handed him off to his Mommy for a little snack.

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