Friday, April 12, 2013

Yes Day

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Peeper's been having a rough time lately, being very, very "cranky" and "grouchy" and "grumpy." (Her words. Okay, and ours.)

When we started suspecting that it was the steroid inhaler causing the sudden behavior and mood change, we stopped it, but she promptly caught a cold, so then she was sick and cranky, and by the time she felt better, the cough was back (because of the cold, I assume), so back to the inhaler.

She's been off of it for three days now, I think, but has still been having a hell of a time this week. Yesterday, for example, she was coming off a short night's sleep, and probably hadn't eaten much, and in a span of two hours, while we were at T's house in the evening, she had at least four total meltdowns, with tears and screaming and kicking and general misery (for everyone).

I know that kids have meltdowns and tantrums and freakouts, and I know some kids do it a lot, but not our kid. This is just not her; there has been a drastic, sudden change, and I feel like there has to be something more to it than just being four-and-a-half (almost).

I'm hoping it's the inhaler and now that we've stopped it, things will go back to normal, but I don't know that. Last night, through the tears, I told Shrike that it's like I don't even know her anymore. I don't know what has happened to that laid-back, chilled kid that she used to be, and I'm scared that she's not coming back. I'm almost afraid to say anything to her that she might possibly not like, because she's going to totally flip out, and just fall apart. Again.

I think a contributing factor is how much I'm away from her these days, because of work, so at Shrike's suggestion, I told her earlier in the week that we could have a "date" today after school. (Which she later decided was not a "date." She doesn't like me calling it that for some reason.)

When I asked her were she wanted to go, she asked, "Can we go to Monkey Joe's?"

Sigh. You see, Monkey Joe's is an inflatable place, and I kind of hate it, for a variety of reasons. I so wanted to make some sort of excuse to get out of it, but then I thought, "Do I hate Monkey Joe's worse than she hates me going to work?" So, Monkey Joe's it was, right after school.

Except, when the alarm on my phone went off this morning, I hit "off" instead of "snooze," and thought, "Oops, I hope I wake up in a few minutes," then proceeded to sleep until almost ten o'clock. So, no school today, but a good, solid night's sleep (twelve-plus hours for her!) and a head start on our adventures.

Early in the day, I decided (in my head; I did not tell her this!) that I was going to make it a "yes day," and I would "say yes" to as much as possible. It seems like she's been hearing "no" a lot lately, and I felt like we just needed a day to be together, when she got to choose and do pretty much whatever she wanted, within reason, of course.

So, we started with Monkey Joe's, where she got to go on the big jumps for the first time!

I was afraid that I'd spend the whole time freaking out about her being in high places, but I did really well with it (maybe because I know that there, she'll just bounce if she falls) and so did she. I was a little nervous the first time she climbed up to a slide, but after a bit of work, she figured it out, and did great the rest of the times. Even the really hard one that you'll see her tumbling down in the video below, she conquered later in the day!

(I didn't get any still photos on the jumps, but there's some good video.)

I did get one of her driving the ice cream truck with Snoopy.

Afterward, we went to Uno's where she got to "make [her] very own pizza." Which she did not eat at all.

Then, a quick stop at Party City for some MOMS Club stuff, and in case you didn't catch the outfit in its full glory earlier, here it is. Why, yes, those are her snowboots. Why do you ask?

And then, to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt and an unGodly variety (and amount) of fixins.

When we got home, I decided to continue the fun with a special bath. Here's a photo taken with the flash:

And without:

I had a great day, and I thinks she did, too. And there were zero meltdowns, even the few times that things weren't going exactly according to her plans. It felt like I had my real kid back. I sure hope she's here to stay, because she's a lot more fun than that other one. 

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