Sunday, April 7, 2013

Writing the Declaration of Independence

Peeper is rather fascinated with quill pens. We were hoping that the Easter Bunny would bring her one of those fancy wedding guest book pens with the feather on it, but he told us they were took expensive.

So, when Shrike found a big feather in the backyard, she figured we had a great substitute. She put it in the freezer for several days, to kill any buggies or what-not that might be on it, and then she gave it to Peeper, who was, of course, thrilled.

Unfortunately, Peeper wasn't satisfied to pretend that it was a quill. Oh, no. This evening, she insisted that she had to "write the Declaration of Independence."

First we tried using an ink pad, and then I gave her some black paint, but either did what she wanted, and she actually got quite frustrated.

So, I need to google how to make a quill from a feather, or possibly go buy the quill and ink that we saw at Mr. E's Elephant Museum the last time we were there. We passed on it because it was actual ink, but ink that works has got to be better than paint that pisses her off.


  1. Could you maybe take the inside part of a Bic pen or something and fit it inside the quill? If there is an opening in the feather, but it is not long enough, maybe you could take a half empty pen innard and trim it down. Good luck!

  2. Also, check "quill pen" on Amazon, they have some cheap ones.

  3. I googled it. It's kind of a pain in the ass to make them, but I can buy an actual quill pen for $3.95 and ink for pretty cheap if she insists on being able to dip, or a ballpoint one for $4.00. Sounds like a good deal for me.


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