Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Art

Since I took those photos of the pictures Peeper drew of us, she's added quite a bit to them, including arms, legs, hair, and I don't even remember what else.

But that's nothing compared to this one of me. Shrike drew the outline and my facial features, obviously, but then Peeper took over.

First, she told me that "Oh, I forgot your eyebrows!" so she added some one. Then she gave me some teeth, and a tongue. Fair enough. Later, Shrike pointed out that she'd also given me quite a dramatic bellybutton.

Then, this afternoon, she calls me into the room, "Mama, look! I gave you goodies!"

Why yes, yes you did.

"Now I can get goody when you're not here. See! (slurp slurp)"

"But it's not just the same as your real nipples, because Real Mama doesn't have drawed nipples."

After I took the photos, I told her I was going to text them to DoulaK, because I figured she'd get a kick out of them.

"But she might get embarrassed!" This is our explanation of why you don't do / show / talk about private things in public - because people get embarrassed." And indeed many might, but DoulaK would not.

"Oh, goodies don't embarrass DoulaK."

"They don't?"

"No, goodies don't embarrass her, and vulvas don't embarrass her."

"Oh! I forgot to draw your vulva!"

Note that she only added the two squiggly lines coming out of my crotch. The vertical line and dot are my button and zipper that Shrike drew. I guess.

I'm actually really impressed with these drawings and the ones she did yesterday, because up until pretty recently, her "picture of people" have been scribbles, and just a few days ago, they were lollipops with eyes.

In this series, she added tons of detail, not all recognizable, and one feature at a time, with lots of stopping to do other things and later realizing, "Oh, I forgot to make your...!"

After making me anatomically correct, for example, she made me nice and cozy with a hat and earmuffs and a scarf. . .

. . . as well as snow pants and boots.

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