Sunday, March 17, 2013


This morning, Peeper put on her cow mask, and declared that she wanted to pretend to be a cow. Okay, got a cow mask, you're good.

No, she wanted to dress up like a cow. Oh, that's cool too, because she owns cow jammies.

Except. She thinks they're giraffe jammies. Nevermind that they are gray and white, not yellow and brown, and they're spots, not that tile-looking thing giraffes have going on, and the mix-and-match jammies they came with have cows on them, with exactly that same gray and white print. No. They are giraffe jammies and they will. Not. Do.

So, because I am a genius, I grabbed a couple of sheets of black construction paper, a pair of scissors and some tape and voila, instant cow!

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