Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mixed and Matched

My brother and his family came over yesterday and spent the night. When Peeper and I were headed to Target yesterday, Anonymama asked us to pick up an outfit for each of the kids, as part of her Easter gifts to them. Of course, Peeper helped me with that, since she was there.

We came to the boy's section first, and looked at some things for DaNephew. When I asked her about these plaid shorts, she said, "Oh, I love those shorts! I want some!" so I figured, what the hell, and told her that if she wanted an outfit to match his, rather than one to match DaNiece, that was fine.

I gave her several colors of shirts to choose from for each of them, and she went with blue for both.

Of course, once we got over to the girl's section, she decided that DaNiece should have a dress, and "She can have the blue one, and I'll have the pink one."


But, other than what hand-me-downs might be hiding in the basement, she has no spring/summer clothes to fit, so she was presented with the shorts and shirt (her choice) as Grandma's gift when they got theirs, and I also got her the dress, just because she needs it anyway.

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