Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Party

Because of work schedules and such, we hosted the family Easter party a week early. Shrike's parents, Pappy, sister and sister-in-law (well, if we were a few miles down the road in a different state), niece, nephew, aunt and uncle came for the party, and A and 3yearoldtodayJ came over later for dinner and much running around and playing.

The decorations

These eggs are from Shrike's paternal grandmother, and the bunnies are from her maternal grandmother.

Yesterday, Peeper asked, "Can we make a chain-chain-chaaiin for the Easter party?" So we did.

If you're on Pinterest, you've seen these adorable bunnies buns.

A good start.

Nailed it!

Perhaps canned biscuit dough was not the way to go.


Eena and Papa brought Easter gifts for all the kids.

After we ate, Peeper and cousin S decided to hide Easters eggs. I don't think Peeper really gets it.

"C'mon, Mama, I'll show you where I hid them!"

 The entire basket was just sitting on the floor of the linen closet.

Well, I suppose they were hidden.

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