Monday, February 4, 2013

These Are Not the Jammies She Was Looking For

We evidently had one very sleepy little girl on our hands this evening, because when I sent her to choose some jammies, and she realized that her ice cream jammies have been retired (For months. They are 2T. She is 4T.) she completely melted down.

It wasn't a tantrum; she wasn't mad or frustrated, she was just completely heartbroken.

"But, Mama! You have to get them back! I need my ice cream jammies!"

I finally told her that when we go to Target tomorrow, we'll see if they have some other jammies with ice cream on them. Then I told her she could choose any (acceptable) jammies she wanted from Target.

I thought that maybe if we let her (try to) put them on, she'd understand why I took them away, so I looked for them in the pile of things to take down to the basement, but they weren't there any more. I even offered to go down to the basement and see if I could find them.

That's when she said, through her tears, "I didn't want them anyway!"

I eventually got her into the bathroom for tooth-brushing and hair-braiding and potty-going, and as we were doing that, she got upset about her toothbrushes. "Oh no! Where's the other dot!?" (On the back of the purple tooth brushes.) They have two dots. They've always had two. Then she picked up a different toothbrush and wailed that, "These don't have any dots at all!" And then, "Mama, it's just no use!"

I don't even know what that one was about.

Then, the bed. She peed last night, and the other fitted sheet wasn't available, so I'd put on a stupid top sheet. I changed that, which upset her, and then she wanted her pillow. Well, it was set aside because the sham got peed on, and Shrike wants to wash it on gentle. Oh, that's no good. "My pillow is ruined!" No honey, not ruined. And here, just sleep on it nakey. (She doesn't actually sleep on it anyway, so I don't know why it matters whether it's there or not.)

I finally got her in bed, and as I expected, she conked out before I finished the first book.

I honestly didn't know whether to be sad for her, or annoyed with her or amused by the ridiculousness of it all. A little of all, I think.

I'm just glad she's asleep now, and hope she'll be happier in the morning. 

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