Wednesday, February 20, 2013


In honor of Presidents Day, this is "United We Stand" week at Peeper's preschool, and on Friday they're having a "Red, White and Blue Party." Of course, Peeper chose to take cookies.

At first, she wanted them to be heart-shaped, because she has a new heart-shaped cookie cutter, and I was really dreading making the keeps-its-shape dough, refrigerating it, etc. But, bless her heart, when I picked her up from school yesterday, she told me, "Let's do it like we did for my birthday. Just get the already-baked cookies and ice them." Hooray!

So, pre-baked cookies, canned icing, tubes of red and blue icing, and some flags-and-stars candy decorations, and done! I put on the white icing, and Peeper took it from there.

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