Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sick of Being Sick

After the museum, we took Peeper in to see the doctor, not because she's actually been sick enough to warrant a trip in, but because it just won't go away.

She has (as have I) been fighting some sort of respiratory thing since, well, since before Thanksgiving. At least.

The sniffles and sneezes get better and worse and better and worse, but even when she's on the upswing there, she just can't shake the cough. And she sounds just awful.

Particularly when she exerts herself enough to get breathing heavily (especially outside when it's a cold), she started coughing and gagging and has actually vomited several times.

(Including - with no exertion - tonight. In bed. On me.)

The doctor says it's probably a persistent infection somewhere, most likely in her sinuses, that's periodically flaring back up. So, we've started a fourteen day course of antibiotics and if she's not all better, then we consider whether asthma is a possibility.

Yeah, not thrilled to hear that.

A note to doctors - Some words that aren't as reassuring to a parent as you might think they'd be:

"So, it's probably not asthma."
"So, I don't think she has pneumonia."

Which means that, based on the story I just told you, right up until you listened to her breathe, you thought it might be one of those things?!?

Bless her little heart, though. She may be freakishly cooperative and compliant with exams, but she's not the most patient of patients. Both on the way to the car from the appointment, and again just seconds after swallowing her first dose of antibiotics, she said, "But I don't feel all better yet!"

We went straight from the doctor's office to the pharmacy to pick  up her medicine. While we waited, she checked out everything in their associated store. She really wanted these bracelets.

When I told her that they're for grown-up ladies, and they aren't "kid tough" she wanted to get them for Mommy. When I told her that "Mommy and Mama aren't bracelet kinda gals," she said, "But I need a bracelet kinda gal!"

They really were quite pretty. I can see why she was attracted to them.

Oh, and I have an appointment in the morning, in hopes of getting my own prescription for antibiotics. And of finding out that I also probably don't have asthma or pneumonia.

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