Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sesame Street Live!

We surprised Peeper today with a trip to see Sesame Street Live, about an hour from home!

She had no idea what we were doing, just that it was "a surprise." When she started talking about "We're going to get a surprise for me," we did clarify that "We're not getting a surprise, we're doing a surprise."

When we arrived, we were discussing "Are we there? Is this it? It says "... Theatre," so she guessed that we were going to see a show or a movie, but we still wouldn't tell her what, just that she had to "look for clues."

As soon as we walked in, of course, there were CLUES! everywhere. She kept pointing to Sesame Street things and saying "That's a clue!" but when we asked, "So, what do you think the clues mean?" she said "I don't know."

Eventually she said that it looked like we were going to "see a Sesame Street movie" which was pretty close.

As you can imagine, she rather enjoyed herself.

And, as last time, there were tears when it was over, but once we got to a restaurant and got some food (and ice cream) into her, she was okay.

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