Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our big New Years Eve plans consisted mostly of packing and preparing for our trip to Texas. Peeper and I will fly down tomorrow, Shrike will join us on Friday, we'll do the Christmas thing with my family over the weekend, and we'll all come home next Monday.

We got a gift card for TGI Friday's for Christmas, and then I got a 20% off discount via email, so that's where we headed for our "fancy" New Years Eve dinner. The card and coupon got us down to about three bucks, before the tip. Not a bad deal.

Peeper even wore a "new" outfit. (Not even actually new-to-her, but the first time she's worn it, after it waited around in the basement for a year or so after it was handed down to us, before it fit.)

How cute is it, though?!

We'll pretend that she's yelling "Happy New Year!" in this one.

And this happened at about ten after seven.

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