Monday, December 24, 2012

The Night Before Christmas

Today was way too busy, with last minute preparations and such. Peeper and I spent quite a while rolling, cutting, baking and decorating sugar cookies, Shrike spent way too much time making pancakes, and then we (Shrike and Peeper) had to stop and play in the snow!

Of course, I didn't really get photos of any of that.

Nor did I get any at dinner with Shrike's family, and as it turned out, the Christmas Eve service at her sister's church was cancelled because of the snow, so no photos from there, either.

I do have a couple of us getting ready to leave for dinner. I swear this was her idea!

. . . and several photos - and video! - of our evening activities.

"C'mon. Just let me get one photo before she takes off her dress." 


Gifts (from regular old mortals) under the tree.

Our advent banner - all the numbers have been "tipped over!"

Christopher brought a letter from Santa, and some magic reindeer oats. Peeper asked Shrike to sprinkle them in the yard; she stayed in where it was warm.

Cookies for Santa

The stockings were hung by the window with care.

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