Saturday, December 1, 2012

Princess Play and Another Busy Day

The college in the town up the road from us does Princess Theater performances periodically, and today's double feature was Rapunzel and another hair-related princess story, so of course, we had to go. We met up with T and her girls, who've been to almost every performance.

Sitting with T's girls, waiting for the show to start

Afterward, we all had lunch at McDonald's, and spent the entire meal telling the girls that they could go play on the playground after we were all done eating, only to discover that it was closed, presumably because it's cold.

I went to the counter and told some teenage girl who never even seemed to register that I was speaking to her, that it would be very helpful if they could put up a "closed" sign, so people know, and their kids aren't disappointed.

Peeper cried a bit at first, then got okay, until we left, at which point she freaked out because she wanted to stay and get ice cream. Well, unfortunately, as much as I would've liked to have gotten her ice cream at that point, freak out equals Mama can't do it.

So, we left and I told her we would go to something fun, because I knew she was really disappointed about the closed playground.

What I came up with was another trip to the children's art center, where we ran into two of our library mom/kid buddies. They were there because I was talking about it last night!

So, the kids played, and we chatted, and it was all cool.

Then we went to the McDonald's right by our house and bought ice cream, then played on the playground that was open. (I saw kids on it as we drove by earlier, Peeper chose art instead. Well, chose art first.)

Peeper was on the playground long enough to make one trip through the habitrail, then she came back and just looked at me. I said, "Are you cold? Is that enough for you?" and she said, "That's enough of that," and we went home.

Mama threw together some dinner-from-a-box, we chilled out a bit, tidied up a tiny bit, got in the tub at a reasonably hour, and she was asleep by 8:30 for a change!

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