Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pretzel Treats

This afternoon, Peeper and I made couple of different kinds of pretzel treats. First up were these pretzel / Kiss / M&M treats. We did two varieties: dark chocolate Kisses with mint M&Ms and candy cane Kisses with regular M&Ms.

Peeper really did a great job of helping with them. (Much better than last year!) She lay out the pretzels, opened Kisses and put them on pretzels, and then sorted the M&Ms by color, before and while I was putting them on the hot, melty Kisses. That went much better than the first time we tried it, too!

Then we did a couple of varieties of chocolate-covered pretzels: Dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, as you see her doing here, and vice versa.

She did a great job with the drizzling, even if she did get a little over zealous with "wiggling" the spoon, and got a bit of chocolate out of bounds.

After everything was cooled and hardened, I made up some trays with cookies (the candy cane chocolate chip ones that we made earlier in the week) and the pretzel treats. I did a couple of big ones, one to take to her teachers at preschool tomorrow, and one to take to the dance school staff on Tuesday. I did a smaller tray to take to Dr. T next week, as well.

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