Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nutcracker, The Real Deal

This afternoon, we all went to see "The Nutcracker On Stage, With The Mouse King, By Mommy's Work," as we've been referring to it, to distinguish it from the Nutcracker Tea or the Nutcracker Suite that we saw last year.

When we got home, Peeper report that she "kind of" liked it, but the only thing she could come up with that she didn't like was "when the Nutcracker fell down," which is, you know, sort of integral to the story, so I'm not going to worry too much about that.

While it was going on, she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, although she was pretty restless by the end. I don't think she was the only one, though. During the Waltz of the Flowers (which is beautiful, but interminable) we could hear quite a few way-louder-than-appropriate comments from little girls, from all corners of the theatre.

There were a couple of weird directorial choices, we thought. Instead of the Mouse King, it was the Rat Queen, and she was played rather, hmm, I'm not exactly sure what the word is, but she was wearing fishnet hose over her dance tights, if that tells you anything, but was, of course, fighting the Nutcracker and kicking him in the head and such. Peeper just insisted that it was, indeed, The Mouse King, so we went with that.

The other thing was that the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy was sort of tucking into the middle of the Pas de Deux, which seemed odd. When the Pas de Deux started, I was thinking "What the hell? The Sugar Plum Fairy doesn't get her solo? That's like the most famous part of The Nutcracker?!"

Then they finished up, she left the stage and the Cavalier had a little solo, with the jumpy spinny all around the stage thing, and then he left and she came out and aha! That's what I was waiting for! and when that was over, they danced together again.

Even Peeper said, "I thought the Pas de Deux was the last thing?"

But, on the whole, she seemed to really enjoy it, and was mostly well-behaved, and of course, looked like a little Christmas angel.

I think she looks so much like Shrike in this one!

Of course, any photo shoot is going to have a few outtakes.

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