Thursday, December 20, 2012


When we were preparing for the MOMS Club Holiday Giftaway, I sent a press release to the local papers, asking for donations. We got a few, but I also got an email from a woman asking if it was limited to Head Start families.

She told me her story, and I wanted to help, so I told her that she could come by at closing time and chose from what was left. Well, if you remember, we didn't even make it to closing time before everything was gone, so I had to email her back and say "Sorry, nothing left."

I felt so bad doing that, and somehow even worse, when she replied, "Okay thanks. Have a merry Christmas." 

Shrike and I talked about it and wanted to help them in some way, but don't have the means to do it on our own. We just couldn't ask our MOMS Club to do any more than they'd already done, but I threw it out there on Facebook, saying "I know my MOMS Club friends are probably tapped out, but if anyone would like to help this family. . . ."

We got donations from Shrike's parents and sister, one acquaintance whom we really don't see any more, and I believe it was eight MOMS Club members.
Today, I dropped off: 

For F, the 7 year old girl:
Winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots
PJs and slippers
4 pants/shirt outfits
9 pairs panties
23 pairs socks
Barbie doll + 5 outfits
3 books
coloring book + Crayons
Stocking + Stuffers
2 other toys

For K, the 8 month old boy:

Crib bedding set
High chair
16 onesies
5 pair pants
4 shirts
3 sweat shirt / jackets
1 package disposable diapers
2 pair socks
3 pair shoes
stocking + stuffers
4 battery-operated toys
Baby's First Christmas ornament (okay, maybe this one was for mom)

Wrapping paper
Tape, ribbon, gift tags
$25 Target gift card
$25 Grocery store gift card

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