Friday, December 28, 2012

Can't Argue With That

Instead of getting in bed this evening, Peeper decided to play with her number puzzle, but she made it more challenging for herself by attempting to order the numbers on the back of the frame, without the holes to put them in. She made it even more challenging by refusing to put them in two rows, or allow them to hang off the frame at either end.

As you can imagine, this resulted in some serious frustration on her part. She banged her head on the floor, and threw the puzzle frame across the room.

I picked her up and "helped her with her feelings" by having her take some deep breaths and talking about how frustrated she must be, and then suggested that she just put them in order on the floor. (Which is what I was telling her to do in the first damn place, that pissed her off so badly.)

Then I made her go get the frame that she'd thrown and put it back by the numbers. It had landed near the light switch, so I took her with me to do that while I turned off the light. After pretty much walking her over and putting it in her hand, she dropped it by the numbers, threw herself and bed and declared, "I'm all cranky!"

Yes. Yes, you are.

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