Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well, I have no photo for today, because I just didn't manage to take any.

 I woke up this morning with an awful headache. Given the circumstances, it seems like I should have been hung over or operating on zero sleep, but I really only had a couple of drinks, early in the evening which were (of course) completely cleared out before I came home at 12:30 am, and then I was in bed around 2, which is actually about average, and earlier than most nights.

That, and the fact that the headache went away while I was in the shower, tells me that it was just a sinus thing, but man, the Tylenol barely even touched it.

I got Peeper to school, went to a MOMS Club board meeting, made some MOMS Club calls, got Peeper home, and that was about all I accomplished. We got out of our real clothes, ate cheese sticks and Spaghetti-Os for dinner, and just vegged out with videos and the Internet.

Shrike got home around 8:30 pm (She had to work a weird day-ish shift today, after being at work til 2 am for election coverage. Not cool.), we blew off Peeper's bath, and I tucked her in around 9 pm.

She made it through a few pages of her Teddy Roosevelt book, and I didn't make it much longer.

(Obviously, I'm typing this in the morning and back dating it.)

So, yeah. No picture. Sorry.

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