Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Heights

I was setting up the card display on the cabinets, like last year, and I left the ribbon, duct tape and scissors out on the counter. I guess we're lucky all Christopher noticed was the ribbon!

This morning, Peeper came in our room and crawled in bed for a while. Then she declared that she was ready to get up, and left. Moments later, she came running back, saying "Mama! Christopher's not up on the shelf anymore!"

I had to help her find him - once again, she "looked everywhere" in about two seconds - but eventually she spotted him in the Christmas tree.

Later, she went in the kitchen and exclaimed, "Look what he did to the cabinets!" I felt really bad when, without thinking, I said, "No, I did that," and she said, "Oh." all sad and disappointed. So, I showed her the tape and scissors that were still on the counter, and told her he'd found the ribbon I left out, and so on, and that helped.

I'm thinking maybe we should ask him to do some decorating at some point . . . .

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