Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look Who Popped In!

After much discussion and debate, between and amongst ourselves, Shrike and I decided to ask Santa to let a Children's Elf come visit Peeper this year, and I guess he figured we were ready for him, what with the tree and decorations and all, because he was here when we got up this morning!

He brought a book, and a letter of introduction from the Big Man himself!

(Click to embiggen.)

It took Peeper a little while to notice him, because she was pretty distracted by the first (minor) snowfall of the season!

Can you see the elf, not being noticed?

After she came inside, Shrike told me, "You know, she was checking her stocking for candy last night," which, of course, made Peeper say, "I should check it again!" and that's when she finally saw him.

We read the book, and explained everything, and talked about her friends who have elves visiting their houses, and "You know, I hear that sometimes they do silly things!" and so on. She was sort of unimpressed at the time, but this afternoon, when it was time to go to dance class, she asked me, "Is he going to still be here when we get home?"

She was having a lot of trouble thinking of a human name for him this morning, and I was a little worried that he was going to end up being called "Pillow Nose" or "Pillar" but this evening, after reading the book again, she told me, quite emphatically, that he is Christopher, the elf in the book, not one of Christopher's elf friends.

So, Christopher the Elf it is.

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