Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Check-Up Time

Peeper had her well-child exam today. Or, more accurately, her almost-well child exam. She has a bit of a cold.

She was just as cooperative as she was at the dentist yesterday, except for kind of flaking on the eye exam when it came time to actual do it, just like last year.

She even put on a tiny little paper gown.

For about two minutes.

I didn't get any photos of her actually with the doctor, but she was super-cooperative with both him and the nurse, and he says that she's doing great.

Her height is 37" which is the 4th percentile. He said that's really been pretty consistent all along and "you can't fight genetics." Her weight is 35.6 lb which is in the 54th percentile. He was not concerned about it being higher than her height percentile, but when I asked, he said that if those two were to start moving way apart, then we might have reason to be concerned.

For now, though, he said that she's a very healthy little girl, and a "delight" and that we should "keep up the good work!"

Our one concern that we discussed with him is that she's been having some pee-pee accidents lately, and even when she makes it on time, it seems like she's peeing a lot sometimes. Not always; sometimes she'll go hours, but the other times, she'll go four times in an hour, or will pee her pants twice in an hour.

He said the frequency and urgency can be caused by a urinary tract infection, so we're going to test her for that, to be sure. I've collected a tiny bit of pee (I got more on my hand than in the bottle!) and I'll drop that off at the lab tomorrow.

I'm also writing a note to her teachers, to give them a heads up that the doctor thinks there might be a physical cause (she's had four or five accidents at school) and to ask them to send her to the potty at least hourly.

More info on that when we get it.

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