Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Day

Peeper and I left for school a little after nine this morning, and it was pushing nine this evening before we got back home!

While she was in school, I drove out to. . . Oh wait, have I mentioned this? No, I haven't!

Okay, sidebar:

A few weeks ago, DoulaK texted and told me that the college (a local branch of a big, well-known state school) where she's taking courses to work toward becoming a CNM is looking for a tutor for their anatomy and physiology courses, and would I be interested?
Heck, yeah!
So, yada yada, I interviewed right before Thanksgiving, and on Tuesday, they offered me the job! I'll be a professional tutor (they also have peer tutors, who are students) and I'll work with students taking both Anatomy and Physiology (two different classes, which is unusual). I'm only dealing with the lecture portions of the classes, not lab. (No re-memorization of cat muscles! Whew!)
They've budgeted for 10 - 15 hours a week, and it will involved leading two weekly large-group tutoring sessions for each course, plus small-group and / or one-on-one sessions. I will also be working with the professors to stay up on what they're covering, communicate back and forth about how various students are doing, and so on. I think that I don't have to actually attend the classes every week, but I should probably attend some. I need to find out more about exactly what's expected there. 
Anyway, so I drove out there (about thirty minutes from home, that part's not super-great) to do my HR paperwork, then back to town for a quick trip to Michael's and a much less quick trip to Target.

Then I picked up Peeper, we stopped at the bank to deposit a couple of checks (Meanwhile, another was being delivered to my mailbox. Of course.) and then went to "The Farm in the City" for their Christmas Open House, with involved some sales and a lot of free samples of yummy things. All I bought was some apples, but Peeper and I both enjoyed the samples, and she particularly enjoyed feeding the goats and bunnies, although we were a little bummed that the donkeys, sheep, miniature horses and alpacas are on their "winter diet" and not allowed to have special treats.

From there, we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, then Mexican food for dinner, followed by ice cream. (The Mexican restaurant is across the parking lot from Baskin Robbins / Dunkin Donuts. There's always ice cream afterward.)

Then to the library for story time, and then to the children's art place, where they were having open art and play in conjunction with some downtown festivities.

And finally, home, where we each collapsed in front of a computer and I finally got up the umph to get her to bed around eleven!

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