Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Today was the big MOMS Club trip to the pumpkin patch. This is the fourth time that Peeper and I have been, and the second time that Shrike has been able to join us.

That means that this is the fourth one of these photos that we have. See them all together!

With our pumpkins.

In the play area.

I think these are D's kids on the slide. Just as I walked over to get some photos of Peeper on it, she switched to the other one.

She preferred this one because "It makes a loud noise."

Driving the bus.

Straw maze.

Attempting to climb the straw.

Failing at climbing the straw. Hey, guess what we're doing tomorrow? Taking family photos!

Corn maze.

We didn't get very far into the corn maze, because Peeper kept trying to pick all the corn.

She found this ear on the ground. It's started to germinate.

So we tried the grass maze instead.

And then a few more photo ops.

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